We Are Groot!

Yesterday was my Boss’s birthday…he’s not only my Boss, but Coach, Pastor, Friend and a man of different facets. Once more, happy birthday to you CM-Sir!!!

In all the years i had known him and worked alongside him, i have never seen anyone with a large-heart like him nor as compassionate like him. I have seen him in different situations and his response has always baffled me and left me thinking.

Now this post is not about him per se, though it has to do with his birthday celebration yesterday. We went to watch a movie with everyone in the office, the movie title, Guardians of the Galaxy. Quite an interesting movie, with laughs, suspense, high-points and low-points with the different characters in the movie.

The high point for me was the character Groot. I checked up the meaning of the word and discovered it was a Dutch word with the English words for it been, big, lanky, large, spacious, vast and wide.

Now, i wont go into the specifics of the movie, it will be for another time. But just touch briefly on the character called Groot. According to the English words for groot, Groot was truly lanky and big. Perhaps i should mention that Groot was actually a tree. A seemingly dumb tree personality with just 3 word syllable, “i am Groot” for every question and answer he wants to give. And not only that, he is quick to deliver results and had no time for what i will call analysis paralysis.

And before close the chapter on who this groot is…he had the largest heart amongst the whole troop. He demonstrated compassion (gave a flower to a little girl wandering the street) and deep absolute loyalty to his friends and devotion to their cause. This was aptly demonstrated in the final scenes when the craft was about to crash and he grew himself into a shroud-shield to brace them from the impact of the crash, knowing fully well, that it will be death to him upon impact. And his final words before the crash simply blew my mind away, “We are Groot”.

Groot means empathy, compassion, love, care, support,consistency and so much more. We can all be Groot if me quit the analysis paralysis we indulge ourselves in. Groot took action will the plan was still be deliberated on how to escape from Prison, which fast forwarded their escape and hasten things up for them.

Deolu Akinyemi is a Groot, and we all are Groot if we seek alignment with our core purpose with God, master of the universe and do his bidding at all times.

We all are Groot!!!

To be continued.

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