Torn in-between

Crossroad of life

Crossroad of life

Matters of the heart could be very dicey atimes. Causing you a ache that you never bargained for nor imagined. A times, the line between sanity and insanity is so thin its hardly decipherable,between your heart and people is also a great tug of war; trying to please them and at the same time following your heart.

This atimes lead us into making certain decisions that could either mar our relationship with people or build it. But the truth must be told, if you are a people pleaser, you would follow them even if they are wrong and vice versa.

Though am not an authority in matters of the heart, but i believe everyone has a responsibility to the choice made over who to love and not love, who to go out with and not, who to marry and who not to marry. Life is a matter of choice, whether we are in-between or not, its for us to make up our minds, follow our intuition and listen to our heart, the still small voice to guide us in making the right decisions that puts us at peace with God primarily then man, secondary when they come to see the import of the decision taken.

So when torn in-between, why not seat still, settle the decision within your heart, be at peace with your own soul and with God and move ahead to take a action.


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