Value for Health

Atimes i wonder if we value our lives at all. I wonder why we go to extremes to get what we want at the expense of our lives!

What actually led to this? I was on my way to work today and along the Abeokuta-Lagos expressway at Mangoro bus/stop was an ugly spectacle. Right in the middle of the road, in the thick of the traffic were about 4 people with an invalid (in a wheelchair? ) soliciting for alms!

This won’t be the first time i will be seeing such spectacle, along the Falomo Bridge in Ikoyi, they abound there in about three spots. And they display the diseased parts of the invalid to members of the public all for the sake of eliciting sympathy!(or revulsion!) To add a comic twist to it, they play a monophonic tune mostly a Christmas tune to draw attention!

In as much as i want to sympathize with this group of people, i don’t subscribe to exposing members of  the public to unnecessary health risks even though our environment is so porous!And they themselves to high risks of infections.

What i want to submit this morning is that, the necessary authorities need to move to curb this ugly menace, and the civil society should also rise up to stop this unpalatable trend. I want to urge the Lagos State government to implement the Law which forbids such wanton begging/alms solicitation in public and to sensitize diseased,invalid people and the general public about the free health care program been offered by the state.

Its time to create a clean healthy environment for ourselves and for our future.

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