Sunday 8th August, 9:30am.

Where should I start my appreciation? Really I don’t know where. But what I know is, I have been overwhelmed with love and warmth since Saturday as I marked my 40th. Family, friends, colleagues, well-wishers… you are all simply amazing.

Even though I would have loved to have a get together with friends … I must not fail to commend, celebrate and appreciate my wife for the beautiful cake and the party mood she put the whole house too. I celebrate you, love you and treasure you greatly. This journey won’t have been possible without you. And to Adeoluwa and Oluwatamilore… you made the day bam in your own unique children ways. And I must commend Olamiji as well for the supporting role she played. Mama Niyen, the cake and doughnuts where lovely yummy! And I must not fail to acknowledge the Chairman of my Ex-May 98 Set, Muri Balogun for his call on behalf of my classmates and every of their messages and also the HCCC family.

To my Egbons and aburos for the calls, write ups, posts, prayers and wishes… I am deeply grateful for it. Can’t wish for any other family than this. You are loved.

Sunday 8th Aug; 12:30pm

Wife: “Can you help pick some stuffs from Wale, his Sister-in-law sent something to me that I need.”

Me: “Öhk…that would be after Church Service…still in church at the moment.”

Wale: “Woli…where are you?”

Me: “I still dey church oo…should be done in about 20 – 30 mins hopefully.”

Chief Plotter and his aides (wife and Sis-in-love) Felix what you talking about??

Wale: “Ok not a problem, I dey City Mall will wait for you there”

Me: “ok not a problem”

About 15th mins later, Pastor was not letting off steam yet and the auditorium was unusually cold today…I was struggling to prevent my inside from shivering and I wasn’t doing a good job at it. I looked round the auditorium and noticed people in various states of trying to keep warm and several movements going on at the back. I decided, immediately I noticed Pastor was easing off gradually, to get going lest I start shivering literally on my seat. So stood up, packed my stuffs and stepped out and alas! It was raining outside was the reason for the very cold temperature in the auditorium. Met several other people outside…who were more than eager and content to remain outside in the warmth than inside in the freezing cold. So I hopped into my car and drove off to City mall, a distance of about 10 mins…mind you this is not the first time I would be picking stuffs from Wale on behalf of Mrs. But I was suspicious.

There faces ooo..plotters lol

I drove in, called him and he said he was by Spurs in City Mall that I should locate him there outside. So I drove round seeking for where to park and I spotted a familiar car. My antenna went up, “are these people trying to cook a surprise for me?”I scouted round if I could see other cars…but it was quite a huge car park and I wanted to get home quickly…so I thought. I located Wale, he wished me happy birthday and said, “Let us go inside…”And I was like…”Inside be bawooo, I don’t have my face mask here, it’s in the car”. “Don’t worry about that, when people want to eat, they would have to remove the face mask ultimately”he replied. And then I knew something was amiss and afoot… We walked in, turned the corner and voila! Here were my friends and family sitting at the table smiling up at me…on the table, “CM, MI, Alashi and Wife, Richard and wife, (I had messaged him in church that I would like to take a few pictures with my family at home…the ‘silly’ guy conveniently ignored my message lol). My Mrs and children joined, Felix Ekpa, Apostle ‘DJ’Wole Martins, the Omodara and wife, Jolly and Wife and my main guy Keshdel…Adeolu Keshinro…where all part of the plot to get me to Spurs. I was mildly surprised I must admit…as I wasn’t really expecting. I had maintained a very low key family celebration…just to stay indoors with my kids and Mrs. and just chill at home that weekend and reflect instead of my usual burst out of the house weekend.

Bemused with cold tearing my insides…but grateful

To cut the long story short, I was celebrated, I was honoured and I was humbled. These had been guys who had known me for 3, 10, 14, 20 years! Keshdel having known me longest since school days. And I am glad they all attested to the change, growth, and who I had been over the years…and how I could be very…(you really want to know??!!!).

I am truly grateful to you guys…I was flabbergasted…and it reenforced the saying, your network is your net-worth, a conversation CM had with me on the eve of my birthday and which he always demonstrates. It was indeed a surreal 40th birthday celebration for me.

Monday 8:10am

I walked into my office, my HR walks in after me to wish me happy birthday and asked how the weekend was. She stepped out, and came  in with a big carton containing…And the beat goes on…..

Eating his birthday cake ahead of his birthday!

And to one of the plotters, today also his is birthday…. Alashi Adekunle…Happy Birthday to you Bro! You have been more than a friend to me. Your feedback, encouragement, support, cheers…have always been a beacon to stay on track. Have a blessed day Bro…God will come through for you in this new season and you will have cause to look forward to yearly celebration of God’s goodness, greatness and faithfulness in wealth, abundance and joy unlimited.

Am I still writing? Get to work folks! It is called a Monday!!!!!!!

Monday 4pm, 9th August

So here I was heading to our meeting room, thinking it was just like every other birthday celebration we have had probably with a tiny twist since I saw the size of the cake, but I was blown away instead…2nd surprise in a spate of 24hrs.

So I was ushered into a well decorated room, with music playing and people seated waiting for me to be ushered in and dance to the front. Wow! Well trust me, I co-opted several other colleagues to join the same train and dance to the front with me…lol

The highlight of the event was, some people making a distinction between the old Sam and the new Sam. It sounded more like when my Pastor says, “the old and the new meet to form the NOW. Well as I said much earlier, it’s been a season of growth, development and reflection.

I am grateful for all around me who stood to ensure I became a better person who is dependable, responsible and what are all the accolades again. Curiously, some colleagues didn’t want to give feedback…scared or afraid? I really do not know, but I believe they meant well and want to give the feedback in private…I believe 😉

To sum it all up, I am greatly to my colleagues, the distributors that came around today, and the management as well for the surprise and effort to make it a worthwhile celebration for me. I am grateful, I am honored and humbled at the same time.

Shouts of joy and victory will continually reside in our homes and may be have cause to celebrate more and more always.


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