The strategy of the Lion

Have you ever wondered why the Lion is regarded as the King of the Jungle? His brute strength? Skill? Or the number of kills?

Why can’t the Leopard, the Tiger, the Cheetah, and the Jaguar be regarded as King of the Jungle as well? They are all big cats that command territory and fear in the Jungle. Cheetah, the fastest animal deserves to be king right?

Let’s look at the big three in this contention for the throne, namely the Lion, the Leopard, and the Tiger.

The Tiger, one of the big three heavyweights, has a fearsome hard-earned reputation. sumatran-tiger-wz-gsmp-mAmongst his extra qualifications, he can swim and climb a tree and a stealth master unrivaled. His kill rate is 85% always. He rarely misses on his goals and targets. He commands a large territory has his field of operation.

leopard-1The Leopard, one of the top three as well, but the smallest. He has a solid reputation in the jungle as well, he’s skillful in the art of killing having a modest 75% – 80% kill rate. Amongst his many skill sets is also his ability to climb a tree, swim, and stealth second only to the Tiger. He also commands a modest territory has his field of operation.

The Lion, One of the top three heavyweights in the same class as the Tiger. His kill rate is between 90% – 97%, his stealth level is remarkable and he commands a very large territory. He can’t swim and he’s a poor tree climber compared to the other two. But he’s kill/hunting strategy is unrivaled and unmatched by the other two contenders.

The strategy of the Lion

What makes the lion different from the other two is simply team strategy. You are shocked? The Tiger is a solitary hunter, can stalk his kill for hours on end before striking. His skills seldom stand a chance to escape. The Leopard deploys the same strategy…solitary maybe occasionally hunt in pairs if they are brothers or sisters. But the same strategy as the Tiger.

The Lion does not hunt alone, a lion that hunts alone must either be old, sick or an outcast from the Pride. And they do not survive for long. But as a team, the lion hunts its prey with every member knowing their role and when to strike. If you ever watch where lions hunt, you will be thrilled at the level of strategy and deception of the prey involved. (You know what, we can talk about the hunting strategies of the lions and never get it exhausted 🤣).

The conclusion is, unarguably, the teamwork strategy of the lion makes him the King of the jungle despite his lack of certain skill sets.

Which are you in your Business.

Are you a Tiger, Leopard or the Lion in your business? It should not be too hard to relate to naa 😜. If you are the type that can’t wait for anyone…you are the marketer, the customer service officer, the accountant, the manager, etc. you go for the sales calls, you close the deals all by yourself, then you are yet to be king. If in your Business, you are the one doing all the work to get clients, to close sales, following up with them, etc. You are basically a one-man ‘battalion’ doing all the work, your success rate is going to be limited. But if you are the Lion, who deploys his team into the field, galvanizes them like a military commander, providing insight and guidance and ensuring every part functions adequately and well, then your success rate will double and you stand a fair chance to be the King in your business.

Your success in business is about team spirit. If you miss that team spirit, you miss out on a huge potential to be financially free. Robert Kiyosaki captures it this way, “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, and everyone else looks for work.” Are you building your network and team? Are you motivating them, encouraging them and supporting them in your business? If you are not, then it’s high time for you to re-evaluate your business strategy, do you want to use the Tiger or Leopard Strategy or the Lion Strategy?  Commit to building a team and a network of likeminded and advanced individuals and watch your income rise phenomenally.

Remember, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championshipsMichael Jordan.

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  1. Thanks for this lovely written material. Simple but powerful enough to help us identify our strength and weak point not only in Business but all round.

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