Every business starts with an idea and a vision for profitability and sustainability. Sustaining and remaining profitable is not only a skill that the business person must have, it must reflect in the competency of the people on his team, and also his own competence to spot competent hands and position them rightly.

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The strategy of the Lion

Have you ever wondered why the Lion is regarded as the King of the Jungle? His brute strength? Skill? Or the number of kills?

Why can’t the Leopard, the Tiger, the Cheetah, and the Jaguar be regarded as King of the Jungle as well? They are all big cats that command territory and fear in the Jungle. Cheetah, the fastest animal deserves to be king right?

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Avoiding the Superstar Syndrome in your Business

Don’t we all love superstars? Don’t we all want to be superstars? We love the glitz, glamour, influence, and aura they carry with them right? We see them in sports, music, movies, politics, business, etc.

They are the go-to guys…everyone wants to hang around them, what they wear becomes the latest fashion trend, their opinions on issues is sacrosanct, they are the role models and mentors everyone wants.

According to Tim O’Reilly “Success in today’s world, whether of sports or business, requires assembling a team of people who can work together to achieve something extraordinary. And yes, to achieve something extraordinary, it helps that some of those Continue reading

The Secret of Genius

Do you want your children to be exceptional? Teach them this! There is a genius in every one of us! We all have greatness locked up inside. Few of however ever peel the layers to the point of revealing that great deposit inside us. You may be able to get a key into your genius or your children’s genius this morning.

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