A New Decade Dawns! 2020

Woah!!! A new year dawns upon us! And it’s not just a new year but a new decade! All praise to the Creator and our Father for his mercies and utmost grace.

I am pretty sure several of us have made goals and resolutions to keep in the new year. But beyond writing it down is the self-discipline to follow through on it till the end.

The truth is, several of us would fail from day 1. Some of us may push it for a few days before dropping the ball. Interestingly, don’t be dismayed if you are in that shoe. What should be paramount to you is what God wants you to achieve this year. The process he wants to take you through in order to trust him.

For me, this year is going to be a journey of learning to trust in God. I struggle with Him on it, but He’s been drumming it into my hears that it’s not by my power nor by my might, but by His Spirit. And not only that, to trust the process.

And a simple story to illustrate, my 14-month-old boy is terrified of firecrackers. And when the firecrackers went off by 12 midnight, he was so terrified and scared. So I picked him up and took him outside to see the display of fireworks and hear the sound of the firecrackers. He held on to me at first terrified, then he relaxed and put his head on my shoulder as he watched unfazed, no more terrified. And as we walked inside, I told whispered to him, “don’t let anything terrify you, because Daddy’s got you and God’s got you as well”. Then it dawned on me, can I say that to myself? Can I sleep rest assured as my little boy did in my arms oblivious to all the noise around him knowing that his Dad got him? Then I realized, the journey with God is a journey of Trust, and this new decade does not change the fact that God entrusts resources into the hands of those who trust him, and put their confidence in his God ability.

2020 would be a journey of trust, it’s clear to me based on the things he’s allowed me to see, all I ask is for grace to trust the process and walk true with him till the end. I hope that’s your thirst as well? Can we take this journey together as we discover what it means to trust in Him? If you are interested, then I’m reading the @YouVersion plan ‘Bible in One the Year 2020 With Nicky Gumbel’. Check it out here:


Happy New Year folks and May our roads be rough!!!

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