Yes!!! It’s the year 2015 AD!!! Am I not grateful for seeing 2014 to the end and the start of 2015? I am indeed very grateful and thankful to God.

2014 is a year that is full of abundant testimonies for me. And mark me, it ain’t the regular conventional testimonies of the motly type.

Am grateful for increase knowledge of God, his will and purpose on earth and what he expects of me. I have come to realize that, God is not “interested” in what we want to do or what we think he wants us to do or the purpose we want to achieve as long as he is not the objective and the sole purpose of it.

A practical case in point was Hannah, the mother of Samuel. She had been praying for years for a child (which is good, God wants us to be fruitful, he likes children) but never got an answer until she met God’s need for a Prophet in Israel. How you ask… take a look at 1 Sam 1:11. God owns us, he owns me, so also everything I have, am just a steward. That, I am thankful to God for.

Am thankful for my job as well, have I not increased in skill, in relating with my colleagues, made new friends, made new communities, and learnt a new skill…. Waoh! When I look back at January 1 2014, I was a greenhorn in sound engineering. Now, 2015, I can say, I have improved greatly in my understanding of sound and am not deceived, I still have a long way to go. (Tunde Fajemisin and Akin Sobola take note! ;))

Ohh if I have a thousand tongues to sing of the goodness of the Lord, it won’t adequately describe how I feel and want to praise my Lord!

O for a thousand tongues to sing

my great Redeemer’s praise,

the glories of my God and King,

the triumphs of his grace!


I can go on and on about his goodness and faithfulness in my life and my family, is it my Brother that eventually got a job after 3-4 years of job searching? Or is it my other Brother whom he kept alive from harm, or my other siblings that he has preserved? Or my friends that he has made me to appreciate and value.

Saving the best for the last, he gave me my own dear friend I have been searching for at last!

I have goals I have documented down to be achieved this year. And they are not just mere goals, but goals that have been documented mindful of the fact of what he wants to achieve through the resources he has committed to my stewardship. And we will talk more on that. One of the goals is to make more use of this channel to proclaim his message in different areas. So, stay tuned.

2015, will be a turning point year for us all, lets fasten our seat belts and run with speed and accuracy to the goal…GOD!!!!!

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