Proudly An Exmay!!

On Sunday, 12th October 2014, caught with a group of former classmates of my Alma Mata, Mayflower School Ikenne.

What joy it was to see folks I had not seen in over 15 years! Its simply amazing how we lose touch with people who were in our past, who one way or the other will have a chapter written about them, if we ever write our biography.

We sang a few of our songs in the Merry mayflower, and its quite interesting how people remember the lines..though mixing it up. But all the same we sang with gusto the songs that made out stay in Mayflower School and Student Second Home worthwhile.

I must give kudos to the excos, who organised the meeting, the President of Exmay 98’ Set, Honorable “Hemhem” Dipo Elegbede, Eyinna Ikeri, Dupe Ilori, Sola Kayode, Anthony Arojojoye and others that I can’t recollect their names. It was really a marvelous job done to bring everyone together, albeit not the full number of that set.

It was my first time attending the meeting and for a few others as well, but we were impressed at the work going on.It was great seeing Owolabi Awodein, Rotimi Olorunsaye, Wale Ajeyomi, Taiye and Kenny Ogunnaike, Gbenga Wahab, Timilehin Idowu, Femi Ake, Wale Alogba, Segun and Kemi Adeoye (Na Mayflower make dem marry oo kai!), and several others i can’t recollect their names.

One of the things that struck me during that encounter is, Our past gives us an equal platform to launch out. How we launch, how fast and how well is left to us. I also noticed, a sense of aloofness amongst some, which I had known way back in school then as well interestingly.

I got to hear of the fact that Mayflower School has been splitted on two divides, Private (headed by Corin Solarin) and Public, (headed by the Ogun State Govt). And that the Private was doing much more better than the Public.

And, as expected, the question of what are we going to do for our Alma Mata came up, and because of the divide, the question of loyalty came up. Are we loyal to Mayflower School or to Dr. Tai Solarin. I have always and will always hold Oga Tasere in high esteem, hence whatever he is involved in or his family, I may drift towards helping out there, which was the conclusion eventually. Our loyalty is to Solarin, the visioner of Mayflower school.

I sat back, and took a stroll down the pathway of the past to Mayflower school, I remember the 5:15am wake up bell which is still the time I wake up today during the week and 6am on weekends. I remember the race to meet the first bell of those going to school and avoid to be with the last bell, “the F9 students” just going to school.

I remember the school assembly, the plots we were suppose to tend to every morning under the supervision of the Labour Prefects and Plot officers. The Class teachers, the bell signifying the change of periods, the trashing lab called Yoruba lab, and a host of other things that shaped us in school.

I remember the Garri, fried fish and sugar on Thursday afternoon, the rice on Wednesday evening I think, the beans everyday, kai!! There is God oo!!! Liked the Sunday Morning Inspection on the field, then the community gathering, and how I love the evening prep on the fields….Thinking of it now, I think that evening prep made me love nature. Interestingly, Mayflower is right in the center of nature, the AC 1 and AC 2 for reading in the afternoon (do they still exist?), Sofola farms…

I can never finish the write up on mayflower school…the lessons are deep and personal and they are ingrained into everyone that passed through Dr tai Solarin especially. I must not fail to mention Baba Ayedun, Oga Ude (my favourite warden), Acheampong, Aunty Iyabo and the cooks in the kitchen.

“From far away I hear sweet voices calling me, and in my thoughts, come memories flooding fast, a childhood song, in all its dear simplicity brings happy tears to one, whose childhood days are passed. Sing on my heart for days that will not come again, o sing those songs of life that was so fair, while from afar come voices easing all my pain, and sorrow dies and memory dries away all tears”

Lets ask what we can do for Mayflower School and not what the school can do for us, the school has done its part, we have the ball in our court to do for the school what we want to do.  Reconnect with friends and lets ignite the beacon of light in the education sector and in our country. Let us make Tai Solarin proud, that Ex-mays are at the helm of affairs and doing great things, with great purpose, great mind, great courage and a great persistent patience.

I would encourage, every Ex-mays in every set to meet often as time will permit or create chat forums where everybody can bond together and be of good help and cheer to each other.



4 thoughts on “Proudly An Exmay!!

  1. A wonderful Mayflower narrative…..the true character of your write-ups, the ability to carry you along the storylines. Keep it up. And oh….I did sing that paragraph.


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