Never Stop Dreaming…..Conclusion

  1. First Failure is not the last failure: They were called losers simply because they seem not to fit into the mould. They just seem to be staring at failure all around, but they still kept at it, pushing towards their dreams.
  2. Take Ridicule in stride: They were ridiculed by friends for not achieving their dreams. The football Pro wannabe was hit the most because he was totally off his own dream. His friend was still in a gaming software company so moreorless on track though very far from the mark. They try to suck it in and maintain a clear head and did a candid reappraisal of their situation.
  3. Have Fun, Joke about it: They had mad fun. They played practical jokes of been real cops along the way by pure accident. Went to a mask party in a costume thinking it was a costume party. And along the way of playing cops, took a big revenge against some gangsters that crushed their car. And also got into places they would not have dreamed of getting into. And they partied as “cops”!
  4. Don’t overplay: Yes, you read right, they overplayed up to the point of almost getting killed “in the line of duty” as cops.  Always remember where you are coming from and where you are going to. Yes, take time off to break off the pressure of pursuing your dreams, but don’t always let down your guard to the point of complacency.
  5. Dreams are not cast in Stone: If you need to have another dream, dream it. One of the friends discovered his passion for Police investigation, and made a volte face on his dreams of football Pro and switched to Policing where he graduated with honours in his class and with high recommendation.
  6. Be Bold with your dreams: The software gamer had been the butt of office jokes for his “poor ideas” and in particular for the game he had been trying to push until fortune smiled on him and there was a practical demonstration of his dreams. Firstly, he took the bull by the horns by confronting his team leader who had always hit on him and he began to present his dreams with a passion never seen before and one after the other they agreed and voted for his own game against the game they had been trying too hard to push into implementation.
  7. Your dream is not about you but about others: For these two friends, their dreams was about service to others and not about they themselves. The Police officer, the Game Builder, both was a passion dedicated to help other people. What is the thrust of your dream? Is it about you or about service to others.

Do have a fantastic Day!!!

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