Never Stop Dreaming

Several times we have dreams locked in our hearts, that we rarely let out. Dreams penned down and locked up in folders, lockers whatever it is. Most times, the dreams see the light of the day…other times..they seldom see beyond the crack of dawn.

I watched a movie couple of days ago titled “Let’s be cops”” and it was really an hilarious movie. I learnt quite some lessons in the movie which i would like to share below;

  1. Always Dream big dreams; The two friends always dreamed of been really extremely wealthy. One dream of been a huge game software giant. While the other, dreamed of going Pro in football.
  2. Don’t be afraid to change location; The two friends left there home and family and relocated to another town in pursuit of thier dreams. And relocating does not come cheap. It means leaving your family, leaving familiar territory for an unfamiliar one. Leaving your comfort zone to a zone of anguish and log suffering. And the truth is, it pays out in the end..will come to that later.
  3. Don’t be afraid to test Waters: One of them got  a job in a gaming software company where he became the underdog, learning the ropes and contributing to he company. The other tried to be a football coach to young adults, and also tried to maintain his home……To Be Continued.

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