Just Do It.

That is the trademark of the shoe company Nike, a world-famous brand. And if you read their story, it was a journey of daring to do, and not hesitating.

Well, this article is not about Nike 🙂 … it’s more like a personal challenge to me as an individual. I am in a transition space and valley of decision which will require quite a lot…not much really, but from where I am coming from it is.

So, one of the things I had told myself this year was to be writing regularly monthly. If I was to measure that, I haven’t really fared the way I had envisage…I have list of topics to write about, but I hit a mental wall most times. So, I end up writing late into the month and posting just one article versus posting two. Quite bad you agree.

Ok moving on, I have had a couple of my subscribers reach out with suggestion to publish my articles and writing as a book and put on Amazon. I had mulled it over and over and over and basically procrastinated a conversation with Seun Aduwo, one of my guys from my alma mata, Mayflower School basically re-encouraging me to get on with it. And you know what, on Wednesday 24th May 2023 I just did it indeed. Published a short story on Amazon from one of the many articles and stories I had written on my blog.

Am I excited? Hmm yes….and no but largely yes. 🙂 Confusing…well not. Because I realise the amount of work to be done and that needs to be done. Am I scared? I would not be sincere with myself if I say I am not scared. I am excitedly scared! Is the prospect unlimited…unlimited! A bigger stage that I have always desired? Oh yes, it is!

I was having a conversation with my team at work, and I shared that I realised I often need motivation to kick-start something…and once I start…there is no stopping as I will motivate myself to go on…more like, my “why” was strong enough to continue it. And that is where I am now…re-defining my “why”. Interesting is it not?

But the bottom line is, just do it! That’s what I am telling myself and to anyone who is in the same shoe…ruminating on a next key step, act, and event…just do it…if it brings you value and people get value for it as well. Remember, it’s not about you, but the larger community you interact with.

So, I will keep it simple and stupid…KISS the things I intend to do, and then, just simply do it! JSDI!! I think the real issue is permitting yourself to celebrate the small wins and confronting that fear of inadequacy head on. So, tell yourself; you can do it, you can achieve it and you can become it.

At this juncture, I want to say a big thank you to all the subscribers to my blog and readers. You kept me going on with all the feedback and words of encouragement which I wish came in more often than it does. I celebrate you all.

I end with this quote from the Merry Mayflower, a compilation of songs, nuggets and words of great men all put together by students of the late sage, Dr. Tai Solarin.

“Great things must be done greatly, with a great purpose, a great mind, a great courage, a great energy and a great persistent patience”

Elizabeth Browning

Do not forget that you can give The King with one ear as a gift to someone today. It would be worth a read for the person and to you as well. (Especially the young ones).


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