Cost of Freedom

Every one of us, at one point or the other, desire to be free to do what pleases us at our own time and in our own way.

Regardless of our status or who we are, freedom is enshrined and ingrained into our DNA long before it became enshrined in the United Nations Charter of fundamental human rights.

Because it’s quite a wide topic that covers different areas, I would like to restrict it to the present-day event in our nation, Nigeria which is the upcoming general elections.

There are three heavy contenders and several feather weight contenders as well. Campaign jingles is ringing all over, with different allusions been made all over on what is true and untrue.

There are campaign jingles along the line of ‘freedom’ from whatever and along the lines of ‘upholding the freedom we have enjoyed till now’.

But the question I ask myself is this, is our quest for freedom devoid of accountability and responsibility?

Let’s even move away from politics and give a broad take on our world in general. There are fights for freedom from/for one thing or the other, either perceived, imagined or real. Freedom to make a choice…to be self-governed…to be free…to change the course of life or nature… and the list goes on. When I was a kid, I dreamt and longed for the day I would be free to be on my own without the supervision of my parents or guardians. I am sure a couple of us had that longing as well. And when it finally came and I became an adult, paying my own bills, I realized, as the popular saying puts it, “adulthood is a scam”. In other words, the freedom I desired was not really freedom, it came with a lot of baggage’s and add-ons. And I know, I am not the only one in this shoe.

I am sure we have several things we want to have freedom to do if given the opportunity, freedom to do to our hearts’ desire… but it is not free, it comes at a cost… which most are willing to deny or unwilling to pay.

The cost of freedom is accountability. In everything you do, without accountability, you are simply a loose cannon… Accountability and freedom are not opposites, they work hand in hand. It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountableMolière.

What stops you from accelerating down the highway at 200miles/hr? What stops you from spending every dime you make the moment you make it without saving it? What makes you comport yourself in public? What makes you not take liberty for granted?

The truth is, in one way or the other, we are accountable to one or more people, things, physical or spiritual. The law was put in place, not to curb freedom, but to provide guidance and context to the freedom we have. It defines why a murderer cannot go scot-free, why a crime will not go without justice meted out.

Our freedom as individuals, groups, communities, is situated within the context of responsibility and been accountable with that freedom we desire. It means, it ends short of putting another person, groups, or communities in discomfort, with your quest. Which is why “freedom fighters” harassing and terrorizing the same people they claim to be fighting for, are they really for freedom?

Our quest for freedom, must be situated within the context of how it affects the next person, group, or community. Freedom is not liberty to abuse, rile, harass, intimidate, threaten either physically or virtually, anybody anywhere whatsoever. In these days of social media, quite a couple of people hid behind the virtual wall of the social media to spew spiteful and horrible things. It’s like every sense of decency and decorum is thrown into the wind. I cringe when I see some engagements on social media…

Anyone, who in the name of freedom, and throws caution to the wind, anywhere or any time is uncouth and uneducated.

In conclusion, “Freedom is not the opposite of accountability…it is a path toward it.” (Hastings & Meyer, 2020). Whatever freedom we seek or yearn for… we must be ready to be accountable for it… to take responsibility for it and take ownership for whatever the outcome may be.

One thought on “Cost of Freedom

  1. Adulthood is not a scam.. Our parents were more oportuned than we are… They walked into adulthood with grace… Remember quite a number of them got married early… However., the dynamics of the world has changed and continues to evolve daily….

    Accountability is another ball game….


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