Confronting your fears

Fear…it’s something we can all relate with in different areas of our lives at different moments and in different circumstances.

Some know how to deal with it, circumventing it, and forging ahead…others may refuse to confront it…and others would use it either to their negative advantage or positive.

Often, fear is part of our psyche in life…either godly or evil…. how we manage it is what matters the most in most cases.

And when it comes to our personal lives and decisions, how you confront it and to what end is what matters the most.

I have had to deal with fear all through my working career…I am sure a lot of us can relate with that…at various stages and phases.

The number one fear, for most career people is fear of sudden termination. Second to that…in equal measure is fear of the unknown should you decide to quit your job for whatever reason. There are other numerous fears… appraisals, promotion review… just name it.

But the key to victory is in how you choose to confront that fear and handle it.

Boy sitting side by side with a leopard

My Story

For about 7yrs, I have been under pressure to quit my job and get value somewhere else. Friends, family, well-wishers were all on that bandwagon. But I resisted. Partly because, it didn’t feel right, and majorly…what do I get to really do if I should quit? Would I get a qualifying job? How would my boss feel? Would there be job security? Etc etc…all fears. Several of my colleagues started resigning and moving to other things…some relocated, others to their own ventures until I was moreorless, the last man standing.

I can’t describe exactly how I felt. Lost? Confused? Bitter? Alone? Inadequate? To top it up… overhead a conversation from an ex-colleague which completely threw me under the bus and knocked the wind out of my sails. To say that conversation didn’t shatter me and dampen my spirit, I would be lying. But…

The Game Changer

Before I overheard that conversation, I had made up my mind to approach issues and challenges in the workplace with a different mindset other than the way I used to. 

I took things in my stride and developed an optimistic and positive mindset. Every challenge or demanding situation became a learning ground and an avenue to educate my team objectively. I tackled issues as it is without personalizing it or taking offense. It wasn’t easy I must confess, but it paid off eventually.

And when the time came for me to step off that stage, it wasn’t difficult not complicated. My ‘t’ was crossed, and ‘I’ dotted and had people on ground to carry on the work effortlessly. And the testimonials shared by my colleagues was simply mind blowing. I tried to reminisce, the me 8 – 10 years ago to the me now…i was and still speechless. But that will be story for another day.

So, I finally confronted that fear that had held me bound, waiting till something showed up before I make a move…well nothing showed up and I made the move. I resigned and took a pause to reflect on my options and key next steps to take.

The options are limitless, open, and possible. It’s a matter of application in the right direction and at the right time.

So right now, I am applying, hunting for a job while at the same time, registered my business name which is the destination eventually, running a management consultancy firm.

Most people found it hard to believe I could take this step, and I know a few friends who had given up on me ever resigning or leaving the organization. And I didn’t resign in bad faith or blood… it was mutual understanding…painful after 15 years … relative I must say. Some think, i must be crazy to have done so…others jubilated for doing so, while others where simply amazed. The truth, I leave with no regrets nor bitterness. I leave knowing capable hands I have trained will deliver and take the company to its next level… I leave, knowing the future is bright and the possibilities are unlimited for me as an individual!

So, The Pharos Consulting and others next!


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