Governor VS Vassals – A Struggle for Power

The recent demolition by the Oyo State Government of the building structure housing Fresh FM and Music House of popular Musician, Yinka Ayefele leave much to be desired of the State Government led by Abiola Ajumobi.

It’s simply a display of the despotic and callous nature of our so-called leaders, who feed fat on their maniacal egos and self absorbing alpha status.

The excuse been tendered by the government, that it contravened the State Building Codes, hence the reason for its demolition simply shows, a government that is not forward thinking nor in tune with the people she’s supposedly governing.

How can you serve a notice to vacate and remove a property within three days?! Ok a notice of contravention was served in June, but who approved the building plan within the State Government? How is it infringing on public safety at that particular spot? What was the Governor thinking in his 2016 interview at the station when he made this statement, “Thank God i did not listen to the people who asked me to demolish this station because he’s not in our support…“? When did the State Government take up the statutory role of NBC to sanction what has been broadcasted?  Or is it mere concidence that after the government was criticized, a notice of contravention was served and the building demolished? Do we now live in a Gestapo state, where the government places a lid on everything around it? When did the government become the judge and executioner of justice in a matter that involves it? If you can’t take criticism, why are you in government? If you can’t take feedback from your “subjects” why are you the “king-governor”?  Even in the days of yore, the Kings of old in all their might, power and glory take feedbacks from their people!!!!!

Do we really know what it means to practise democracy? I very much doubt it.

According to media reports, a temporary injunction had been sort in Court, restraining the government from carrying out this dastardly act, but what have we, a total disregard to the rule of law and dishonor of separation of powers. And a government official will step out to issue a statement such as this; “Arulogun stated that “the decision of the state government to demand for the building approved plan was not peculiar to Music House, Fresh Fm as several companies and institutions such as University of Ibadan, Kola Daisi University, University College Hospital, banks and radio stations in the state were asked to provide their Planning approval” Common!!!!!!!

UCH, UI, that was approved and built during the time of the Western Regional Government and a yeoman is asking for their building approval plan??? Is there a thought to this statement at all? Is there common sense been displayed here at all???? What is this current State government doing to match up to the glory days of Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and his compatriots? Oh! Am sorry! I need to rephrase that, all the South-West States are currently reaping from the seed sown by the Western Regional Government, what exactly are they doing to make provision for the future generation coming?

dictatorThe answer is clear as sunlight, 1. demolishing structures that is providing bread and water to the tables of families that they cannot afford to feed. 2. Hounding perceived opponents when they can’t own up to be wrong. 3. Feeding fat on the cookie jar when they can’t think of ways to sustain themselves after office. 4. Shopping for aids and foreign loans when they can’t think of ways to generate revenue internally and sustainably. 5. Fixing what is not broken by ensuring it’s not working (LAWMA vs AMBODE)

When Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as Government of the people, for the people, by the people, am sure he didn’t have the type we practice in Nigeria in mind. In actual fact, am sure he would cringe in his grave at what democracy has turned to. For even a monarchy will not be run this way. This is pure dictatorship in AGBADA!!! Forget the nomenclature we are banding about!

Any government that is inured and insulated from the people, is not a government at all but a charade in the making. Any government that believes, it’s a law unto itself, is nothing short of a despot sitting on a keg of gunpowder. And these issues must not be left unattended to and unresolved as we approach the 2019 election!

WE the PEOPLE are our own enemies and Achilles heel. Until we rise up and say NO to brigandry in government before we can breathe the air of liberty. No President, Governor, Legislator, Chairman or what have you should be a law unto himself or herself! Our institutions must be strengthened to be independent and act in accordance to the law without fear or favor. We must respect the rule of law in its legal context and not bend the rules in favor of any man of woman.

There is a reason why the eyes of justice is blind when making judgement, it’s simply to be fair, unbiased and truthful. Every arm of government must be accountable to and responsible for every action taking and there must not be usurping of powers. The judiciary should be able to hold the executive accountable for its actions ditto the legislator and the legislators must be able to hold the executive accountable. Lawmakers must not be above the law neither must law enforcers be as well. We must all be bound by the law that governs the land with no exception!

The Yinka Ayefele VS Oyo State saga is just the beginning of the end to shenanigans by governors and there cohorts. And am sure, it’s the beginning of the undoing of Abiola Ajumobi in Oyo State. And a lesson on the type of leaders we elect into position of authority across the country. Yes 2019 is already knocking on the door for the next election, but until we take the position to start questioning our leaders and making them to be accountable for every decision that is to be taken and has been taken, then we are not ready for good governance in this country. We must be willing and ready to own up to our responsibilities as citizens of this nation and owe our allegiance to the country and not to any man, before we can make a head way. We must be willing to look our leaders in the face, and damn any treacherous flatteries from them, and hold them accountable the time spent in office. We must be able to question every budget, every policy, every project, every action of government for the collective good of all.

The government must be opened to receive feedbacks, suggestions and criticisms from the people and act in accordance and not take it personal. Personality and governance needs be separated. If you can’t develop a thick skin to criticism, and take feedback, there is no need to be in government!! You are not the governor that knows what he’s doing when you can’t take feedback! You are simply a moron and a nincompoop!!!! If the kitchen is too hot, then get out of the place!!!!

The alimentary canals of our political leaders does not digest gold!!!! We must treat their misadventures as at when do without fear or favor!!!!!!!

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