The Era of Trust and Integrity

Finally, 2016 has commenced officially world over. And we all have our goals set for the year, and our aspirations for the country and our personal lives. Nonetheless, i would like to start by referring to the events in the country in the last couple of weeks that has left much of a bitter taste in the mouth. And whether we like it or not, we need to evaluate the past to learn and make amends for the future.

The revelations of the billions siphoned away under the guise of arms procurement and the attendant naming of the beneficiaries of the loot shows the depth of decadence that power has brought our “leaders” and how badly damaged our morals as a nation.

I seat back and wonder, if Goodluck Jonathan had won the election, at what state will the country be right now? I shudder thinking of it.
Right now, the naira is in a free fall against the dollar. Eventually we will be exchanging a dollar for 300 naira. How many business will survive?

Am reminded of the words of Late Dr. Tai Solarin where he stated, “the alimentary canals of our state ministers cannot digest gold”.  Maybe this is what is resulting in the debilitating diarrhea that has plagued the officials of the last administration.

With the hounds of EFCC on their heels and the prying eyes of people piercing and asking questions, so many names are being thrown up as been partakers of the loot.
One wonders the callous nature of our “representatives” and “officials” who instead of operating for the common good decided to operate for the uncommon faggots who steal us blind and put the lives of our own men, fathers, brothers, uncles, nephews, cousin on the firing line of the enemy by diverting the much-needed funds to procure arms to persecute the war. And turn round to prosecute them for cowardice, treason, and what have you.

Trust in the Judicial system is wavering especially over the lopsided judgement been given over corruption cases and the “street” cases. Someone embezzles millions into billions, he gets a spank and he’s let go. Someone sells marijuana under the bridge he gets slammed for life imprisonment! Justice?

Someone gets a perpetual injunction to prevent his prosecution in a court of law, he gets granted. Another can’t even get a lawyer to bail him out, he’s awaiting trial for donkey years, rotting in the prison that is overflowing beyond capacity.

How do we trust our security to protect us? The Nigerian Police especially, You are stopped suddenly on the road and you are apprehensive and on guard for you know not what might be fabricated. Many are languishing in prison over such, and many more, dispatched to the great beyond extra judicially.

The Legislature is not left out. When you feed fat on the sweat and toil of Nigerians by allotting to yourself fat “unknown” packages and buy new cars every 4 yrs and you all are committee chairmen and vice-chairmen, when will you have time to think strategically and legislate laws that will add value to the society, protect the oppressed, lift the downtrodden, punish the guilty and create a free and fair society? When?

You pass ridiculous bills, set up panels upon panels, and waste time deliberating over your whims and caprices. Where is the trust vested in you and why should we continue to trust you? You want to purchase cars worth 4.7 billion naira, and And you say you are working for the good of Nigeria? This much i know, am a Nigerian and you surely are not working for my good nor interest!

President Buhari, during the Presidential Media Chat comes across to me as a very sincere man who knows he wants the best for Nigerians and knows how to do it. But he’s surrounded by systemic bottlenecks put in place over a period of non accountability and performance. For him to succeed means a gradual washing away of this ineffectual sand barrier to create room for fresh water to flow in the system and bring about vibrancy and life. We desperately need a new lease of life in the way things run in this country. The era of impunity, both on the corporate and government front must end! Trust needs to be built back into the system and people trust in systems to deliver equity and fairness.

In this new year of 2016, its my prayer that, integrity will be our corner-piece in this nation and trust our foundation. We have a long way to go nonetheless, but once we imbibe it, it opens the doorway for development, employment, prosperity and stability of our nation Nigeria.

Wishing all my readers a fantastic New Year of more blogging and interaction!

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