By Tunde Olayode

If before now,you are among the motley crowd of”doubting Thomas,”doubting the veracity of the incontrovertible fact that,there a new “Sheriff” in town,with a name Mohammed Buhari,nor you think,talking about new Sheriff in town all these days,is an infantile jokes of sort.Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Buhari new appointment,that proved all political pundit and book-makers flat- footed wrong,should long have cleared that doubt,since last-night.

I was among the later people,that heard the news,I heard it around seven pm yesterday.When the names were riled out by the lady-broadcaster,of one the old television channels,with their offices respectively,you need to see the askance look I wore.By the time it got to,Col. Hameed Alli(Rtd)as Director General of Nigeria Custom Service,I had an instant “orgasm”,where I sat,the woman who sat beside me,must had noticed that.One of the way,to check out how far a leader,will go,is in his sense of judgment,in picking his team,most especially,his inner circle-team,who are very critical and germane to his success.

I have always been thinking aloud in my strategic-thinking about Nigeria,that If Nigeria-Custom Service,a very strategic institution to our economic growth and development,has to be pulled out of the cesspool of corruption is presently marinated,only an “insane guy”from outside the Custom Service,can do the hatchet-job of cleaning the mess.Nigeria Custom Service,is filthy,for won’t of words.Now,the new Sheriff in town,has actualized,one of my strategic thinking about Nigeria.I don’t need any content analysis on that again.

I am not oblivious of some blue-murder cry since yesterday.That the appointment is tilted in favor of one ethnic group,than the other,Nigeria,there we go again!.These are the jejune and mundane sound-bites,that have held our country embarrassingly down by the balls for years.Now,I am convinced,more than ever,that we need a brand new thinking in our psyche as Nigerian,even indeed we want a change for real.Even at that,excuse me sir,its only in appointing ministers that the constitution says it must show national characters,to show sensitivity to our geo-ethnical spread and gives sense of belonging to all of them.

These appointment,are those not requires concomitant consensual legislative approval before he goes to town with them.I don’t care where they all come from.If he likes,they can all come from Benue-State,the home state of my friend Mary-Rose Adaji,I don’t care! or Imo-state,the home state of my friend,Chinedu Nwague,I don’t care!What I care about, is their excellence performance for the common good of all,which we herald,a true change in Nigeria.

Ride on,the new Sheriff in town.

TUNDE OLAYODE, is a public affairs analyst cum freelance writer. His writing spans over five years and covers, leadership,social political happening and economy.

The views expressed here are solely that of the writer and in no way expresses the views of the blog owner

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