Monday Mornings Suck!

Good Morning Folks or as its said in my other language, Guten Tag!

It’s another Monday morning of bright and shine. Am sure some of us are still in the Monday morning blues, having a hang over of the weekend. Common cheer up, look on the bright side, Monday morning does not have to be deary.

I remember when i was still in Secondary School. I was a boarding student, in Students Second Home of Mayflower School Ikenne. All through my stay there until my last year, Monday morning was dreadful and full of apathy. I use to pray that the weekend would be long. But right from the lights out bell at 9:30pm (all thanks to those wonderful Time Keeper prefects) i always and most people get a sense of dismay settling over our spirit as we prepare for Monday Morning. And of course, trust, once the wake up bell rings at 5;15am, i have noticed, both seniors and juniors, they wake up as if in a trance and only with the urging of the whip from the wardens that they bounce out of bed to run to the field for the morning exercise.

But one catch phrase saw me through and changed my mindset about Monday Morning.

It’s a poem in our “devotional” called Merry Mayflower. It goes like this;

“Great things must be done greatly,

With a great purpose, a great mind,

a great energy,And a great persistent patience. E.B Browning

We chanted this like every Sunday and a times on the assembly ground in the Morning.

I have since adopted it into my subconscious, and its one of my guiding philosophies. I approach Monday with that mindset, and every day of the week in that frame of mind. And i tackle every task before me the same way to.

So this week, gear up to do great things! Let your week start on a merry note of greatness! And i want you to know this, it’s all not rhetoric. It’s not feel good. It’s about knowing, you have been given the capacity for it by God as an investment that needs to yield returns for him.

Not returns in terms of cash as we know it, but returns of eternal proportions. You can do that task, job whatever, not because of your boss or because you have been mandated to do it. You can do it with all the zeal in you as if you are doing it for the most honorable man on earth. Ask yourself this question, if my work was to be appraised by the President of United States as a condition to be US Citizen (hey, just an assumption, put any country you want there including my beloved Nigeria ;)) how will your disposition be? Great energy and zeal or lackadaisical attitude?

I will leave you here to decide.

Have a fantastic Monday!!!


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