Lessons Learnt……Thankful

Today, is one of those days you sit back and take stock of your life. You do an assessment of how far you have come and how far you have gone. Its a day of reflection and projection for the future.

In case you are wondering, i was a year older today, and felt the love, bond and camaraderie of friends, family and loved ones.

Interestingly, two years ago, i got two cakes on my birthday:), one from the Office as usual and one from a “dear” friend i was asking out then. This year, i got two cakes again! One from the office as usual (we love cakes in my office) and the second from a “very dear” friend (Whattyah thinking)….lolol 😉

But between two years ago and now, i have learnt the hard way. I have learnt what it means to be friends and what it means not to be friends. Learnt the devastating effects of anger and the cost of losing someone.

Its not a very pleasant lesson to learn, but it was necessary for me. It gave me an insight into the workings and dynamics of building friendships and maintaining friendships. Because you had been friends, does not mean dating each other will be easy. Its a different dynamic entirely and it requires a whole lot of patience, understanding and maturity.

I have lost precious relationships to anger. Each day, till now when i reflect on it, am filled with a pang of regret and remorse. Thank God we made up, but..it wasn’t the same. It will be a story for another day shortly.

But i have come to realize that, its not about you, but about the other person. When you put the needs of the other person before your own very needs you see things from a different perspectives and allows you to think clearly and make decisions appropriately. Its seeking first to understand, before been understood.

Its a whole new world….and am extremely grateful that its been a year of lessons learnt, relationships forged, bad decisions, good decisions, and finding someone to love and be loved.

In other words….am grateful…Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!

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