Taking Responsibility

How often do we take responsibility for our actions.

We live in a society and culture where the buck is passed and the blame traded off to someone else.

Our failures, shortfalls and inabilities are as a result of someone or something somewhere responsible for it.

Our success is ours, our failures is not ours, but theirs.

This is the bane of our nation as well. Because as individuals, we have failed to take responsibility for our actions and inaction. We are quick to blame the so called Political Leaders over the inept Leadership, corruption, and every evil befalling our nation. But have we taken responsibility over our immediate environment. Our home, our compound, our street, our community, etc.

Have you taken responsibility to caution the driver, driving against other oncoming traffic in a traffic buildup? Have we offered to proffer, practical solutions to your community problems without recourse to the “government”?

The truth is, been responsible is not rocket science. Its actually as simple as the air you breathe. It starts with taking responsibility for yourself, your very actions and decisions. If you see it as a personal responsibility to be accountable to yourself, and bring yourself outside the picture to view what is going on around you from an umpire point of view. Or better still, if you are to be an impartial judge asked to judge your case before God and Man, what will your judgement be?

The moment you realize its not about you, you are a step ahead. And the moment you come to terms that you are accountable to God who is your Master and King, then you realize that there is a higher purpose and call for you to fulfill than your mundane purpose, plans and objectives.

And its very interesting when you realize this, it changes your focus and goals. And brings you into a sharp auto reset that realigns your priorities with your Master and King.

And that the beginning of been Responsible.

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