Its Not Over

With the recent happenings all over the world, the risings in the Arab world that started with Algeria moved down to Egypt, now stucked with Libya and Syria.

But it’s quite interesting to note the penchant of our so-called leaders to cleave to power by all means especially in Africa and Arab world. Take for instance, Libya. Ghaddafi has been there for about 4 decades and is now caught in the quagmire of a revolution and civil war that has enveloped him and his country and brought the fury of the nations to their doorstep in the form of NATO. Now i actually wonder why Ghaddafi would have to wait for this long for him to realize that the world cannot contain his idiosyncratic tendencies anymore. A self-styled “King of Kings” and a Bat by nature and origin. Now what i mean by this is his alliance with the Arab world claiming to be Arab and also alliance with African, claiming to be a Brother. Now on which side of the divide is he actually? Hence a Bat. Yoruba’s call it “o se ku o seeye”.

Well as it may, did it ever cross his mind that he will be flushed out this way or suffer the indignity of world condemnation, denial and back-stabbing from his trusted allies. It’s interesting to note as well if he ever learned from the example of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt who has been humiliated through the court of law. But did he ever think it will be over for him if he dared to step aside?

Even with him ousted from power now and yet to be located, it’s not over for him still…..though he had long ignored the back door escape that was opened for him but now locked….by revolutionists of like mind like him 42 years ago who are giving him the same dose he gave others 42 years ago, he still has a chance to make amends if given the chance, or better still live in solitary confinement where he can do memos of his sojourn as demigod, or strategies to hold on to power in the 23rd century…

But whichever way it is, it’s not over for him. Just hope other learn from his mistakes and as well our Mr. Presido in Nigeria will take heed.

Will most like be doing write ups on long ruling dictators in Africa and intending ones ( the Jonas…)

Till then…….


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