Its a Season of Change!

I have followed with interest, the recent event that happened between Miss Uzoma Okere and Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade and his boys. And i must say i am really impressed the way the incident has been handled by the media, government, civil groups and everybody. Kudos!

In as much as people are tooting that its because of the daughter of who she is, ( She is the daughter of the Sergeant at Arms in the national Assembly) that she is receiving attention, i beg to disagree. She is capable enough to create a storm in a tea cup! I believe she will receive justice and this silly anomaly of men in uniform will be curtailed to the barest minimum. Just read, that the Rear Admiral and his goons have been summoned to Abuja by the Defence Headquarters over the incident. I believe he won’t  go unpunished.

Governor Adams Oshiomole was yesterday sworn into office as the Governor of Edo State after a year plus of Legal tussle to claim his mandate. Its an hard earned victory for him and the people of Edo State. And a  final signal to PDP that the era of installation has been done with. People are now waking up to the consciousness of what the law can do. Especially if you are on the right.

Its a new season indeed for our political  parties and our consciousness as well. A change in our perception of do or die politics to every one is a winner politics.

Also, i must commend the Lagos State government for banning the use of sirens in Lagos. I must say its a welcome development. Its high time the wailers on our streets be sent packing! And for sanity to return to our roads.

Indeed yes we can!

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