Its know longer news that Barack Obama won the US Presidential Elections on Tuesday, 4th of November. It was a victory unprecedented in the history of the world. What makes it so? Is it because he is black? or What? The answer is simply this;

Its a new dawn in our history, the change in the hearts and minds of people all over the world, the freedom to be and do anything we desire, backed up by hope to dream and the determination to
go all the way to achieve our dreams and desires has been rekindled with this victory.

This victory of Barack Obama at the election is not for the Democratic Party alone nor for the United States of America. Its a victory for the “Peoples” of the whole world, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Arabs etc. People with a dream, with a vision, a desire to be who they trully want to be. The renowned hip hop artist, Puff Daddy while been interview by CNN when the results where announced said “…. i can now tell my son to be the President of the United States.” Its not a dream far away, its the realisation of its possibility with the emergence of Barack Obama, an African – American of first generation, a Kenyan, as the President – elect of the United States.

It reminds me of the words of the great Sage, the best educationist Nigeria has ever had, the Late Dr. Tai Solarin, he said;

We can become whatever we choose to be;

No Kings, no Lords, no knaves can say us nay,

For we believe that man, is a potential Doctor, or Lawyer

or Crook or Dwarf or Giant,

Whichever he sets his mind to be,

We shall be Giants,

And therefore  we shall work,

And work,and work, and work,

Even if we must work,

Work our fingers to the bone,

So may it be!

So folks! Yes we can! We can be all we want to be in life! Its all about the Vision, the Courage and the Tenacity to be who we want to be. So i say congratulations to you all, for the dawn of a new era!

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