Men in Black!(Blue)

Notorious Men in Black (Blue)!
Quietly they stalk their victims
Like a spider stalking her prey.
Atimes like a roaring fire they charge at their victims,
Rendering them helpless, begging for mercy.
When confronted by their equals,
They run, with their tails between their legs,
And cry out! “We are no match for them!”

Notorious Men in Black (Blue),
Their evil deeds confirmed and camouflaged
by their uniforms,
A quick change of hands,
And its gone!
They are the best of the country’s law dis enforcers!
You need to see them dis enforcing the law.
No wonder the state of lawlessness prevalis in our country!
A Skunk has a better reputation than them.
And the Tortoise can’t match them in craftiness!
They are masters of the game! Their game!
But, they can be ferocious as a Bear when they want to,
a Bear robbed of her pubs!
Lets give Kudos to the Men in Black!
All hail the Nigerian Police!

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