A Little Patience…..Part 2

Jinadu grew up in the rusty ancient city of Ibadan, in Oyo State. His neighborhood was a low class area of people who work their fingers to the bone to make ends meet. His Father was a bricklayer who struggled really hard to provide for his family and was a disciplinarian who was extremely firm on his children, and spared no moment for them to taste the rod once they erred. His Mother was a petty trader at Agbeni market where she augments what her husband provides for the family. She was a soft spoken woman who lived in fear of her husband and dotes over her three children. Luxury was a scarce commodity.

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The Wizard of Iyanfoworogi….

Jide lazied in dreamland, enjoying the bliss of a man in affluent wealth. He was dreaming about all the things life had offered him, his dream house, dream cars…and been able to take his wife to exotic holidays across the world. He had a customized wall clock that sang beautiful melodies every hour. And has he sauntered round his house, he heard a melody he had not heard before, “Monday Morning!!! Wake up! Wake up! Monday Morning!!! Wake up! Wake up!

He turn round in alarm, and in an instant, he found himself in a vaguely familiar place, a far cry from where he was coming from…and he heard a popular Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey’s song been played just outside his window, “Eni ro wo e loju alaa to n dunu…eni ko te pa mo se nitori ebi…” And he realized he was in his one room apartment in Ajegunle, and it was 6am and would be late for work if he does not bolt out of the house in another 10mins…

He angrily turned off his alarm, his albatross and cursed under his breath his landlord whose favorite musician was Ebenezer Obey and would play all his songs all day as he sat in his reclining chair chatting with his friends and neighbors.

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