Hemorrhagic Stroke and Fixing Nigeria

By Adeolu Akinyemi

On June 21, 13 years ago, my mother aged 56 in Nigeria,  had a hemorrhagic stroke

On June 25, 2022, I watched a 59-year-old lady in Dubai,  have a hemorrhagic stroke

I wasn’t witness to my mother’s, but I saw her at the hospital the day after

I was witness to this one in Dubai and saw her to the hospital the same day and after. Continue reading

What Do You Want To Do Next?

With Covid19 wreaking its havoc across the world, it has exposed the underbelly of nations on not been proactive nor ready for this scale of disruption across the globe. It’s shocking to know that the worst hit is the 1st world nations with the United States accounting for 26% of the infection rate alone and 14% of the global deaths as of today…

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