The New Nigeria of our Dreams…

As the elections draw closer, many Nigerians are dreaming of a “New Nigeria” – a country free from corruption, insecurity, and economic hardship. But is it really as simple as voting for the right candidate? Or is there more work to be done before we can see real change in our country?

First, we need to acknowledge the challenges that Nigeria faces. Our country has a long history of ethnic and religious divisions, which have led to violence, discrimination, and inequality. We also suffer from widespread corruption, which has stunted our economic growth and deprived many Nigerians of basic services like healthcare and education. And our security situation is precarious, with Boko Haram and other terrorist groups causing havoc in the North East, while kidnappers and bandits terrorize other parts of the country.

Given all these challenges, it’s clear that a “New Nigeria” will not emerge overnight. We need to be patient and persistent in our efforts to build a better country. But what can we do to make progress towards this goal?

First, we need to reject tribalism and religious bigotry. These attitudes have only served to divide us and weaken our country. We need to see ourselves first and foremost as Nigerians, and work together to solve our common problems.

Second, we need to fight corruption at every level of society. This means not just punishing corrupt politicians and officials, but also changing the culture that allows corruption to thrive. We need to promote transparency, accountability, and ethical behavior in all aspects of our lives.

Third, we need to invest in education and healthcare. These are the building blocks of a prosperous and healthy society. We need to ensure that all Nigerians have access to quality education and healthcare, regardless of their background or location.

Fourth, we need to prioritize security. This means not just defeating terrorist groups and other criminals, but also addressing the root causes of insecurity, such as poverty, unemployment, and social inequality.

Finally, we need to cultivate a sense of patriotism and national pride. We need to celebrate our achievements as a nation, and work together to build a better future for ourselves and our children.

In short, building a “New Nigeria” will require hard work, sacrifice, and a long-term vision. And it does not lie in the hands of one man or woman claiming to be wearing the messianic toga. It lies in our hands, if we are willing to come together as a nation and tackle our challenges head-on, and there is no limit to what we can achieve. Let us all commit to making Nigeria a better place for all its citizens, and for generations to come, trusting in God to give us grace and men whom the lust of office cannot buy. Men who have no skeletons in their cupboard and carry no baggage of the past that they can’t readily shed off.

NB: This article in no way endorses any candidate or party. It is the musings and aspirations of my heart.

The Wizard of Iyanfoworogi….

Jide lazied in dreamland, enjoying the bliss of a man in affluent wealth. He was dreaming about all the things life had offered him, his dream house, dream cars…and been able to take his wife to exotic holidays across the world. He had a customized wall clock that sang beautiful melodies every hour. And has he sauntered round his house, he heard a melody he had not heard before, “Monday Morning!!! Wake up! Wake up! Monday Morning!!! Wake up! Wake up!

He turn round in alarm, and in an instant, he found himself in a vaguely familiar place, a far cry from where he was coming from…and he heard a popular Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey’s song been played just outside his window, “Eni ro wo e loju alaa to n dunu…eni ko te pa mo se nitori ebi…” And he realized he was in his one room apartment in Ajegunle, and it was 6am and would be late for work if he does not bolt out of the house in another 10mins…

He angrily turned off his alarm, his albatross and cursed under his breath his landlord whose favorite musician was Ebenezer Obey and would play all his songs all day as he sat in his reclining chair chatting with his friends and neighbors.

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