This Headache Won’t Go Away..

The recent turn of events in the national polity with calls for restructuring by various groups and Political Leaders brings to the fore, either a deep seated desire and hunger for proper governance and good federal structure. Or a selfish agenda to use it as a cheap route to political notoriety and relevance.

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The Young Shall Grow…..But Not in Nigeria

The young shall grow, is a maxim we heard back in the days growing up in the 90s. It was a phrase filled with hope and wonder of the possibilities un-imagined in the nearest future we are going to meet.

Its interesting to note that, the crop of generation that grew up hearing that, are now parents, approaching mid life and are caught up in the tide of life that our parents where back then. Continue reading


The current discourse going on in the country will make your stomach curl. The scandals, the allegations, the arrogance and the sheer impunity with which our Federal Lawmakers rub in their omnipotence brings nothing but sheer raw anger, bitterness and helplessness to everyone by and large.

Interestingly, while we may think its just up there, that sheer impunity has spread to all cadres of the society without fear nor favor.

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