Sex ain’t no fun……. (Concluding Part)


For a month i refused to show up in church because i could not stand in his presence with deception. I knew i was far from righteous at that time and i knew my voice of conscience would not keep silent except i murder it….but it will be murdering sleep like will come back to haunt you.

The truth is, for the ordinary bad boy bad girl archipelago type, its easy for them…..their conscience is not in allegiance to God in any form as it were….but even as it were…..what makes them gun after it is for the fun of it, the exploration of territories and ideas. But the sincere truth is, it becomes an addiction that cannot be stopped with the snap of the fingers. Why, just like you are hooked on will want to keep tasting and tasting and tasting….And it becomes for the thrill of it with every person. Its when it gets so strong that people resort to Prostitutes and Gigolos. That’s how bad it gets. And for a believer, its worse off. Believers hid under the cloak of deception. You are praising God with hands lifted high this moment and the next, you are in bed with whoever having the sex of your life and scared shit that no one must know unlike the regular bad boy bad girl who does not bath an eyelid about what People may say. And that’s what kills people like me and you who are believers. The secrecy….is what actually encourages you to do more and fall deeper into it. Outside, you are a saint, the perfect christian brother and sister..take home to mama….but inside, the rotten through and through with the devil as king…

I had a friend who was seeing someone and they had started marriage preparations but he was shagging another girl. And he made so much boast about her that if anything should happen between him and his fiance, she would be the next person to consider..and i told him, i will prove you wrong and grossly mistaken…and i did….. His story has since changed with serious negative reviews but one single review…how sexually satisfying she is and the only thing he desires should she show up at his door. And the sad part, she will talk bible, listen to a message and looks so sisterly that you won’t link her to it. I feel terrible.

Its not written on anybody’s forehead that they have sex..married or not, young, old or whatever…..we all in a sea of people..creatures of made by God no matter what orientation we may claim to be or born to be…. neither is it written nor any means identified as the way to identify the true worshipers of God. But God himself knows who worship him in spirit and in truth.

And it applies to sex….its fun, adventurous, passionate, holy and worship as well. Its next to divinity if i can use it……that is if its applied in the context of marriage and not outside. If you recognize that, its not about you but about God and the need to reverence him. If engaged in sex now, you just can’t stop it…its a thrill..but it can be stopped when we disabuse our minds from with with the help of the Holy Spirit. Interestingly he says, he has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness in Christ Jesus…..seated with him in heavenly places far above principality and power. But it comes to the place of surrender..recognizing that you are helpless and in need of help.

This is my way to tell God i need his looking at the bigger picture ahead of me that i need to plug into…a picture so dear and powerful. So if you are out there…you don’t need to suffer in silence. Been silent is a greater evil, find someone you can account to, pray together and look up to. There is therefore now, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus….No Mortal nor Angel can condemn you if your Father does not condemn you. He continuously whispers in my ear and yours to, “Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world, you an overcome because i said so”.

Sex ain’t no fun….except you are married in righteousness, holiness, and in truthfulness.




3 thoughts on “Sex ain’t no fun……. (Concluding Part)

  1. This piece sure resonates with me. I have always wondered why I could not resist the advances of whomever I was dating. Why the convictions I had seem to flee before the sex. Anyway, I have come to realise it as my one big weakness that I am trusting God to help me overcome. Truth is, I see it as not loving God enough to stand for him. I have seen many of my friends keep themselves before sex, so I know it is possible. What I need to know is if I can delay the gratification that comes with sex. So, each time I fall, I tell myself, I am not simply showing enough responsibility to my maker and myself. Yet, I know I will overcome


  2. What a great piece! But one question though, how did you prove this young man wrong? I think it will be a great deal to know so that people can learn more.


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