Sex ain’t no fun……


Quite an interesting headline..and startling for some i dare say…. But based on observation and experience..this is my conclusion. Hey..don’t get me wrong…it is actually fun when entertained and applied in certain circumstances, but not all circumstances.

I have long pondered and gotten curious on why people engage in indiscriminate sex? And who are the victims and victors of this “adventure”. I have sought to give a justification to it from all fronts and sought to question some few “Friends” and do little read about this and try to discern, what drives them.

Our society today is morally inept and its a “no-holds” care free society where everything goes in the name of fun and liberty. And it brings me to this question; Why do you have SEX?

1) For Fun: Discovered people engage in it for the fun of it….For the fun of just having sex with each other..interesting!!
2) Exploration: Some are just plain curious and what to see what is there about sex
3) Commitment: To some, it brings a commitment to each other as it were…
4) Procreation: The universally acceptable reason for having make babies.

Let’s go on a journey into the past to the Land of the Jews and how worship was prescribed for them. When the temple was built, based on the God approved design. There was an outer court, the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place.

People could come to the Outer court and transact their business with the Priests and go no further. There they have the alter of burnt offerings where sacrifice is made and the process of atonement and worship begins.

In the Holy Place is where the Priests can enter and no more. There they have the leaven bread and the ceremonial instruments for worship. Here the people dare not enter into the place because its considered a step closer to God. Even the priests needs be purified and ceremonially clean before they can approach The Holy Place least they meet with a certain death. (Two sons of a High Priest met there waterloo when they disobeyed). The Holy Place is like entering a home in Europe during winter and you shed your overcoat before proceeding to meet your host.

The Most Holy Place is where the Ark of Covenant is and the 7 Golden Lamp stands. This is the place where the presence of God is most felt and only the High Priest can proceed with a chain round his ankles and wearing garments with bells all round the hem ringing with every movement he makes. Why, because there the God of Israel sits in session and if the High priest is not purified in and out and clean ceremonially he may like be struck dead. There the final act of worship is carried out and the atonement for the sins of the Israelites finally laid to rest. The High Priest enters this place ones in a its such a solemn occasion and the high point of their worship.

This is the standard template of worship for the Israelites in the days of the Prophets and Kings in the old testament. In the New Testament, the model changed but still the same basic requirement…..scriptures reads that God’s eyes cannot behold iniquity. And it further says, that for we have an eye Priest who is not touch by the feeling of our infirmities, but was sorely tempted as we are in all places…… Further says, for we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, who daily intercedes for us with the Father. In other words, still refering to the scriptures, we can boldly approach the throne room of grace knowing that Jesus had been crucified for our sins for us to receive help and grace in time of need.

What am i driving at here; Sex is worship. I had mentioned it briefly in an earlier post; (Much Ado About Sex) But want to dwell on it in this post.

The process of sexual intimacy is like the old testament mode of worship for the Jews. From the outer court to the Holy Place and to the Most Holy Place, in an “Ideal” setting from the beginning.

What do i mean, we are not animals, who when on heat, they copulate right there and then without wasting time. Humans are different. Its a process that starts with the minutest of detail and act. The Outer Court, were you begin the process of eye contact, touching, innuendos, and all the works to get the process started. Were you try to free up all hindrances that will take you to The Holy Place. Here you are doing all the foreplay and all the activities that will bring about the final act, to enter The Most Holy Place. Remember, to enter The Most Holy Place, the High Priest has been purified, cleaned ceremonially and in the words of the scriptures, “Who can stand and enter before the presence of the Lord? He that is of pure heart and clean hands…who has not defiled himself….” Remember has well, in the New Testament, who will approach the throne room of Grace, he who acknowledges that Jesus has died for his sins and comes to the Throne room with that understanding, covered by the shed blood of Christ. In other words, naked and unashamed…the final act of sexual intimacy and copulation.

This is true worship, the bed undefiled….the fusion of heart, body and soul as ordained by God in Marriage.

Anything outside of it…is not worship but idolatry. Why is it so. Idolatry is men trying to find another way to reach God. A deviation from his own path that he charted for us. If we are engaged in sex now and not married, its a deviant from marriage. Our society has bullshitted the concept of wait till you are married before you have sex and all thanks to Hollywood et al and the nil moral values that have since gone with the turn of the century, we are in dire straits as believers and even as individuals because we are living in a lie, and putting ourselves under gross deception that will blow up in our face when it will too late for us to make amends.

Why do i say this, we delude ourselves with the concept of God is merciful, and truly he is merciful and the devil gladly capitalizes on this and sells it to you. How many times have you gone to church on Sunday Morning after a Saturday night of intense sexual passion..not with your wife, but your “girlfriend” and lifted up hands in worship to God singing how much you love him and honor him and your heart does not bleed? Remember, his words were explicit, do not fornicate. And he says, if you love me, you will obey my words and do as i instructed you… If your heart does not are dead…you have killed the voice of your conscience and you need to wake it up fast. And if your heart do bleed, what did you do? Make amends and run to the cross? Or seat in condemnation.

To be Continued.



2 thoughts on “Sex ain’t no fun……

  1. I like the way you tackled this head-on. My take is this==> Sex is worth the wait. No one can escape the consequences of his/her actions, so its important that we make the right (& sometimes hard) decisions than wish we had done things differently in retrospect years from now.


  2. This piece sure resonates with me. I have always wondered why I could not resist the advances of whomever I was dating. Why the convictions I had seem to flee before the sex. Anyway, I have come to realise it as my one big weakness that I am trusting God to help me overcome. Truth is, I see it as not loving God enough to stand for him. I have seen many of my friends keep themselves before sex, so I know it is possible. What I need to know is if I can delay the gratification that comes with sex. So, each time I fall, I tell myself, I am not simply showing enough responsibility to my maker and myself. Yet, I know I will overcome.


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